About Us

About Us

Ensuring Safety. Delivering Results. Putting You First.

First Transit is the nation’s leading bus transportation provider.  Our services include:

  • Fixed route operations
  • Paratransit services
  • Shuttle buses
  • Transit system management
  • NEMT and ADA brokerage and call centers
  • Consulting and bus line inspection

We have over fifty years of experience across North America. Our customers include transit agencies such as Los Angeles and Houston; universities such as Texas State and Princeton; and state transportation departments, such as Illinois and Connecticut.

Our core values of safety and customer service are at the heart of everything we do.

As part of FirstGroup, the world’s leading transportation corporation, safety underpins everything we do. Our innovative programs provide the strictest standards of employee training and best practices to reduce accidents and injuries. This was recognized at the highest level when FirstGroup won the National Safety Council’s Green Cross Award in spring 2009 – an honor awarded to just one organization, from any industry, each year.

Customer service, like safety, is crucial to the way we do business. By providing a cost-effective and high quality service, we help you serve your communities. You gain the benefits of a local professional team dedicated to your system, backed up by the best practices we’ve learned from five decades as an industry leader.